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The new Sony playstation 4 has been announced (just yesterday, 20th Feb 2013) – and millions of Sony PS fans are now eagerly waiting the announcement of launch date for the PS4 in their country.

Once the launch date is announced, it will be possible to pre-order from leading online retailers.

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Playstation 4 is Revealed!

PlayStation 4 console announced today by Sony in New York!

DualShock4 controller
The brand new Playstation 4 is to be sold with a new innovative controller with a touchpad!
Sony has today revealed the new next gen console, the PS4.

The playstation 4 boasts new incredible graphics and ground breaking social features such as the easy sharing (via button on the controller) of recorded clips of users own gameplay…

The PS3 sold around 75 million units – and by the sound of things, the playstation 4 is set for just as much success if not more.

Being powered by a PC based computer chip, Sony refer to this new console as being similar to  super powered PC.

Quantic Dream demo

Sony promise more realistic looking characters for even more realistic game play.

There are too many features to even mention them all in this posy, needless to say we can’t wait to get out hands on one!

Some of the new games in development for the PS4 look epic, including Killzone Shadowfall, DriveClub, Second Son & Ubisoft’s  ”WatchDogs.”

PlayStation 4 interface